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Because innovation and ideation are not practiced alone

“The TriLab is born from the belief that the development of research and innovation projects is essential for Trialog. This key activity enables us to acquire new and to enrich our offer of services. A solution such as the TriLab had to be found to make this synergy more sustainable.”

Rafik SAID MANSOUR, Trilab's founder

“The Trilab is a place where ideas spring and meet. It enables all members of Trialog to exchange views and build together engaging projects. It displays a showcase of our expertise to our partners and clients.”

Dune SEBILLEAU, Trilab's manager



One of the TriLab’s objectives is to carry out technology intelligence. Our ambition is to be able to identify and understand the next waves of technological innovation.


Each topic is examined inside the TriLab in-depth and in teams, thus allowing stakeholders to acquire expertise in the topic. We want to make the TriLab a space of exploration where team spirit and knowledge sharing prevail.


Because we are convinced that we learn by practising, our goal is to turn the best ideas into proofs of concept. We give to our consultants, who originate these ideas, the opportunity to carry out their own innovation projects.


The work carried out within the TriLab contributes to the development of our employees’ skills and enables Trialog to capitalise on innovative and future technologies. This helps to strengthen Trialog’s expertise, enhance its offer and improve its quality of service.


Find out more about the research and innovation projects carried out by our teams as we speak …


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