Life at Trialog

Your first steps at Trialog

From your initial interviews to your integration into our offices, you will maintain regular communication with our teams to address various administrative aspects, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition upon your arrival.
Once here, a dedicated team will extend a warm welcome and guide you through every step of your integration. We have also organized engaging activities to help you become familiar with our facilities, equipment, and essential software in a friendly manner.

Our inner cells

At Trialog, we encourage all our employees to actively engage in the life of the company by participating in our internal committees. Each individual, if they desire, can commit to various topics ranging from employee well-being, corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental responsibility, or even telecommuting, all with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for our staff.
For example, as part of our commitment to employee well-being, we provide weekly deliveries of fresh fruit baskets. Regarding CSR, we have an equality charter in place to promote non-discrimination within the company.

Our Trialog morning sessions

A highly valued feature within our offices, our Trialog mornings sessions take the form of meetings during which internal or external speakers engage with our teams, sharing their expertise on a wide range of topics such as communication, the history of electrical distribution, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, and even post-quantum cryptography.

Our internal events

  • Annual Sports Day
  • Board Game Lunches
  • Mario Kart Tournament
  • Participation in October Rose & Movember
  • Christmas Season Events
  • Theater Outing
  • Tasting Days (pancakes/galettes des rois, chocolate, raclette…)

Our success stories


Electric Mobility Engineer

The multi-disciplinary nature of my missions enables me to work on a wide range of technical themes: electronic board production, electrotechnical system design, C++ computer development, Linux system development for embedded systems… After the technical design phase, I go out into the field to try out these projects at major international events, where I test my systems on full-scale vehicles. At the same time, I take part in the implementation and technical supervision of missions, contributing my expertise to training courses on standards related to the field of Electric Mobility.


TriLab engineer

The Trilab is first and foremost a free collaboration space for Trialog members. As Trilab facilitator, my role is to stimulate the creation of innovative projects, and then to accompany them from start to finish. Topics are identified through brainstorming sessions, then selected and shaped with the help of a few volunteer engineers. I then coordinate the execution of the projects, from recruiting trainees to building proofs of concept and communicating our results. Finally, I ensure that these proofs of concept are maintained and reused for our future Research and Innovation projects.


Energy Sector Engineer

Today, I’m involved at every stage of a project. This starts with discussions with our customers to identify their needs, imagine the solution that might meet them and then submit our proposal. Once a proposal has been accepted, I’m then involved in defining the allocations necessary for its realization, following and reporting on its progress to our customers, and monitoring its profitability. Alongside these various tasks, I also play an expert role in the G3 PLC protocol, participating in the development of certification tools, providing training for our customers and taking part in trade shows to promote it.