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The race towards transportation electrification represents a major challenge on the global scale. Even though the vision of mobility of people and goods has evolved, the implementation on a large scale is confronted with an unprecedented complexity. The challenges associated are the intuitiveness or ease of use, the billing and availability of charging stations. It is crucial to put in place a robust and large charging infrastructure that makes the best use of the latest technological advancement while improving the interoperability and communication between each stakeholder. By overcoming these challenges, we will truly be able to reap the benefits of the electrification of the transportation industry and undergo a sustainable transformation for mobility.

To achieve this, it is necessary that the emobility industry follows a methodology of electrical resource optimization. It must handle as best as it can the equilibrium between the demand of the electric vehicle mobility users and the electricity production. This is the goal of smart charging and bidirectional charging. They take into account the needs of the EV user, the grid’s capabilities and the producers of electricity. Several technical architectures are created around standardized communication protocol solutions.

Trialog has been active since 2009 in this industry, which is now experiencing significant growth. We undertake research and innovation projects, as well as prototyping missions, which have allowed us to acquire and master these new technologies. Our solutions are rapidly proven in the context of our prototyping and industrial projects. The ones that seem the most promising for the market are added to our panel of industrial solutions, technological stacks or development tools. We give particular attention to the quality and interoperability of these solutions, which are recognized by the industry.

Thanks to our services and solutions, we facilitate the development, the go-to market phases of products and innovative systems of our clients. Our clients are automakers, charging station manufacturers, charging station operators, e-mobility service providers, energy management specialists, and test and certification laboratories.

Key Points :

  • Trialog is a golden member of the Open Charge Alliance (OCA), actively contributing to the development of the OCPP protocol and the validation of the OCTT tool used for 2.0.1 certification. Our OCPP charging station stack stands as one of the pioneering implementations certified for OCPP 2.0.1 by the OCA in 2023.
  • Trialog is actively engaged in the ISO TC22/SC31 standardization committee, where it significantly contributes to ISO 15118.
  • Trialog is a member of AVERE, the association for the for the promotion of electric mobility and sustainable transport
  • Expertise includes (and is not limited to): OCPP, ISO 15118, PnC et PKI, OCPI, EEBus, OpenADR, IEC 61851, IEC 63110, energy management, operating a fleet of charging stations



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