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Trialog’s offer for electric vehicle manufacturers is centered around Smart Charging and V2G, primarily focusing on ISO 15118:

  • Engineering mission for prototype development.
  • Interoperability and performance validation mission for electric vehicles in relation to ISO 15118.
  • Calibration mission for the CPL communication system supporting ISO 15118 communication.
  • Simulation and testing tools for ISO 15118 and DIN 70121.

Engineering missions are at the core of Trialog’s expertise. In the automotive sector, Trialog develops prototypes that introduce new technologies into vehicles. These prototypes assist automotive manufacturers in understanding the precise impact of integrating new technologies into their vehicle ranges. They also ensure the seamless integration of these future vehicles into more complex systems. For instance, Trialog has created a prototype vehicle equipped with Smart Charging and V2G capabilities, integrated into a renewable energy production/storage/consumption system (wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, stationary storage).

Trialog has developed specific expertise, validation tools, and a power bench to verify the level of interoperability and performance of ISO 15118 implementations in vehicles. The missions carried out by Trialog validate the proper functioning of ISO 15118 communication, in real world conditions with power transfer. The electric vehicles involved can be cars, utility vehicles, buses, or even ships.

For many years, Trialog has been conducting calibration missions for the power line communication (PLC) system used by the ISO 15118 standard. These missions ensure that automotive manufacturers’ systems comply with the standard specifications and electromagnetic compatibility templates imposed by regulations. Trialog has developed methodological expertise, technological components, and expertise that have already accelerated the development and validation of many vehicles for its French and international automotive manufacturer clients.

Trialog has also developed a range of simulation and testing tools for ISO 15118 and DIN 70121 implementations, which it uses in its engineering and validation missions, and also makes available to its clients.

EVSE ComboCS is a charging station simulator. It allows testing of electric vehicles and offers numerous advanced analysis and simulation features for the communication part of an EV charging session. Tests are conducted without power transfer, but Trialog can assist in integrating it with your power bench to verify the system’s proper operation under real conditions.
EVSE ComboCS4M is the younger sibling of EVSE ComboCS. It is simpler and focuses on simulating charge sessions to ensure that equipment behaves as required by the standards. For example, EVSE ComboCS4M can be used to validate the proper functioning of a vehicle (or onboard charger) at the end of the production line.


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