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Trialog has designed a training offer dedicated to Smart Metering. It focuses on the design of a Smart metering system and covers the associated innovative technologies (such as G3-PLC and DLMS/COSEM). The offer is modular, allowing tailor-made programs depending on the objectives:

These trainings are delivered by recognized and experienced technical experts, to up to 10 attendees from a company, and can be followed in English or French. They are organized upon request, and can be located is our premises (in Paris, France) or anywhere else in the world.

Useful references :

  • Trialog is a Founding and Executive member of the G3 Alliance
  • Trialog is a Partner of Think Smartgrids association
  • Enedis Linky, 35 million G3-PLC smart meters: Trialog has been supporting Enedis on this
    program since 2007
  • Webinar explaining the new G3-PLC Hybrid technology


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