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The development of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) or any other G3-PLC based Cyber-Physical System requires to go through several phases:

  1. Early phase: draw the objectives, understand the concepts and identify the relevant
  2. Design phase: define the system use-cases and features (requirements, performance,
    constraints, privacy, security), design the system architecture and select the associated
    communication technologies.
  3. Development phase: define the devices and/or choose devices off-the-shelf, validate the
    devices (conformance, performance), integrate and validate the system (interoperability,
  4. Operation phase: define and execute the strategy of deployment, follow-up and improve the
    level of service/performance (incl. troubleshooting), ensure the resilience of the cyber-
    physical system.

Through all these phases, Trialog brings its more-than-10-years’ experience of Smart Metering and G3-PLC systems via dedicated services addressing the critical topics highlighted in the figure above:

  • Training, PLC and telecom studies, G3-PLC best practices
  • Proof of concept, prototyping
  • Architecture, methodologies for interoperability, cybersecurity and data protection
  • Integration of G3-PLC and DLMS/COSEM technologies
  • Analysis and selection of best technical offers from suppliers
  • Test and validation: conformance, interoperability, performance, test benches, test tools
  • Network supervision, field troubleshooting, maintenance methodology

Useful references :

  • Trialog is a Founding and Executive member of the G3 Alliance
  • Trialog is a Partner of Think Smartgrids association
  • Enedis Linky, 35 million G3-PLC smart meters: Trialog has been supporting Enedis on this
    program since 2007
  • Webinar explaining the new G3-PLC Hybrid technology


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