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Trialog provides tools and associated services to support the design, development and validation of G3-PLC systems:

  • The G3-PLC Network Analyser is a sniffer that allows to capture and analyse all the G3-PLC
    frames circulating on a power-line network. The frames are captured in real-time, then
    decoded and analysed to display their detailed content, the visible nodes of the G3-PLC
    network and a graphical representation of the network topology.
  • The G3 Alliance Conformance Tester is the official G3 Alliance tool that is used for
    certification to check the conformance of the device with respect to the G3-PLC specification.
    The test tool is automated. Its test scenarios are written in TTCN-3 and enable the checking
    of conformance of MAC and 6LoWPAN layers.
  • The G3-PLC Tester is an automated test tool designed to validate G3-PLC devices. The test
    scenarios are written in TTCN-3 and enable to send and receive any kind of valid or invalid
    G3-PLC frames.
  • Electrical grid characterisation as a PLC channel allows to assess the ability of a power grid to
    support Powerline Communication (PLC) and select the most appropriate parameters
    (bandplan, tonemask, …) based on fundamental electrical measurements such as complex
    access impedance, noise spectrogram and channel transfer function between two points of
    the electrical grid up to 3 phases simultaneously.

Useful references :

  • Trialog is a Founding and Executive member of the G3 Alliance
  • Trialog is a Partner of Think Smartgrids association
  • Enedis Linky, 35 million G3-PLC smart meters: Trialog has been supporting Enedis on this
    program since 2007
  • Webinar explaining the new G3-PLC Hybrid technology


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