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Trialog’s offering for charging station manufacturers is diverse. Its goal is to shorten the learning phase for its clients in mastering new technologies related to Smart Charging and V2G. It also aims to accelerate the product market launch while ensuring an optimal level of quality:

  • Interoperability and performance validation missions for AC / DC charging stations
  • Software solutions implementing communication protocols used in Smart Charging / V2G / Plug&Charge (ISO 15118, DIN 70121, CHAdeMO, OCPP).
  • Simulation and testing tools for ISO 15118 and DIN 70121.

Trialog has developed specific expertise, validation tools, and a power bench designed to verify the level of interoperability and performance of ISO 15118 implementations in charging stations. The missions conducted by Trialog validate the proper functioning of ISO 15118 communication in charging stations developed by its clients, even under real usage conditions with power transfer.

Trialog has created a range of software solutions implementing certain communication protocols used in Smart Charging:

  • YaCCS SECC, the CCS communication stack (DIN 70121 and ISO 15118-2 and ISO 15118-20)
  • YaCHA SECC, the CHAdeMO communication stack
  • QOCPP-CS, the OCPP communication stack for Charging Stations
  • T-EVSE, the EVSE software stack

These solutions are used and validated by Trialog within our tools for several years, allowing for the possibility to significantly reduce the integration time of these communication protocols into clients’ products. Trialog provides support to clients who wish to integrate these solutions.

Trialog has developed a suite of simulation and testing tools for ISO 15118 and DIN 70121 implementations, which it uses in its validation missions and also offers to its clients.

EV ComboCS is an electric vehicle simulator. It allows testing of a charging station. This tool offers numerous advanced analysis and simulation elements for the communication part of an EV charging session. Details of its functionalities are available here (link to the combocs page). Tests are conducted without power transfer, but Trialog can assist in integrating it with your power bench to verify the system’s proper operation under real conditions.
EV ComboCS4M is the smaller sibling of EV ComboCS. It is simpler and focuses on simulating charge sessions to ensure that equipment behaves as required by the standards. For example, EV ComboCS4M can be used to validate a charging station in the factory, after installation in the field, or following maintenance operations.


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