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The development of devices or systems for Smart Charging and V2G are required to go through several phases:

  • The preparation phase: acquiring the knowledge of the necessary technologies, prototyping the device or the system
  • The design phase: defining the system use-cases and features (requirements, performance, constraints, privacy, security), designing the system architecture and selecting the associated communication technologies, defining the validation phase
  • The development phase: defining the devices and/or choosing devices off-the-shelf, validating these devices (conformance, performance), integrating and validating the system as a whole (interoperability, performance)
  • The operation phase: defining and executing the strategy of deployment, following-up and improving the level of service/performance, ensuring the resilience of the cyber-physical system

Through all of these phases, Trialog brings its more-than-15-years’ of experience on Smart Charging and V2G systems via dedicated services addressing the critical topics highlighted in the figure above:

  • Trainings , architecture and telecom case studies
  • Proof of concepts, prototyping, pilot implementations
  • Elaboration of architecture, methodologies for interoperability, cybersecurity and data protection practices
  • Integration of ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20, CHAdeMO, OCPP, OCPI protocols
  • Integration of Smart Charging, Plug&Charge, V2G, Energy Management technologies
  • Testing and validation: conformance, interoperability, performance, test tools

Trialog performs all of these services through engineering missions. In these missions Trialog uses various building blocks and tools developed and validated within its R&D projects. Some of these tools are available for our customers.


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