Project Description

Blockchain is a transparent and secure storage and data transmission technology that operates without a central control unit1. Initially created for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is now raising interest among many business domains, especially due to its capacities in security, transparency and data trace-ability.

In the TriLab, we have set ourselves the objectives of ensuring constant technological watch of blockchains, exploring the possibilities provided by this technology and simplifying as much as possible the concepts behind it in order to fully understand how it works.

In our project, we focus on a use case in the electric mobility domain, more precisely on how blockchain can be used in a smart grid for recording, securing and tracing electric vehicle charging transactions. To consolidate our use case and to familiarise ourselves with the tools and development technologies used in the blockchains, we decided to develop a proof of concept using this technology.

The TriLab objective for this project is two-fold:

  • To allow Trialog to take the first step into the world of blockchain, in order to be prepared for the strong arrival of this technology in Trialog’s various fields of expertise (energy and smart grid, eMobility, cybersecurity and health care).
  • To allow the consultants interested in the subject to train on new technology, allowing them to improve their skills.

1 Definition given by Blockchain France