Project Description

Augmented reality

The Trilab has developed an application that helps users to charge their electric vehicles using augmented reality.

What is augmented reality?

In order to understand augmented reality, one must first understand virtual reality. It is an expression that designates dispositives enabling to simulate digitally an environment by a machine/computer). Depending on the technologies used, it enables the user to feel a virtual environment through sight most commonly, but also through touch, hearing, smell.

To put it simply, virtual reality makes the world completely virtual. However, in between real and virtual worlds, there is a middle ground, the mixed reality, term that includes the augmented reality and augmented virtuality.

Augmented reality, according to Azuma[1]   in 1997, is the integration of virtual objects into the real world in real-time. Additionally, virtual objects can be positioned and oriented in relation to the real environment.

The demonstrator

Through our AR4EV application (Augmented Reality for Electric Vehicles), the user of an electric vehicle can be guided during his or her use of a charging station. With a few clicks, the application can detect the charging station thanks to augmented reality and display the guides and information associated with the station. The application is a more interactive user manual and provides support for the user in case of an issue. The AR4EV application can generate a diagnosis of the issues encountered and provides feedback to improve the user experience of the charging station. Several features have been realized:

  • Visualization of the charging station
  • Recognition of the charging station
  • Charging process for an electric vehicle
  • Sending of the error report

[1] “A Survey of Augmented Reality – UNC Computer Science.” Date de consultation : 12 sept.. 2022.