The VEDECOM Institute will offer 14 modules dedicated to autonomous, connected and electric vehicles, their stakes and integration into territories during 2018:

  • designed and hosted by VEDECOM researchers and experts
  • combining theory and practice (in lab or with vehicles on tracks)

Their themes:

  • Functional and technical aspects
  • Human factors: behavior and usage
  • Societal stakes
  • Legal and regulatory aspects
  • Emergence of new mobility solutions
  • Infrastructure planing
  • Relation with public policies
  • Accessibility and social insertion

Read the entire training catalogue on VEDECOM’s website

Trialog will be co-trainer on the following trainings:

Smart Charge: stakes and technical solution (2d) 18 – 19 june 2018
19 – 20 november 2018
Become an electric vehicle charge operator (2d) 20 – 21 june 2018
21 – 22 november 2018

VEDECOM, l’Institut des nouvelles mobilités 
VEDECOM is a research institute (ITE) and a training structure specialized on mobility transformations: vehicle electrification, connectivity and driving delegation, shared mobility and energy. Trialog has been supporting VEDECOM in its research activities around electric mobility since its creation. If you wish to improve the skills of your collaborators in these domains, the VEDECOM training offer is right for you.