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Work goes on for La Faculté Digitale in the territory of Châlons-en-Champagne

The closing ceremony of the digital training courses for seniors took place this Thursday, December 13th. The amphitheatre of the F. Ozanam High School in Châlons en Champagne hosted the ceremony. These trainings were at the origin of the Catalaunes Digital project, resulting from the Digital Senior College and coordinated by Trialog. This event was [...]

Trialog member of the Silver Valley cluster to accelerate the innovation

Trialog is pursuing the development of social and health innovation in collaboration with the stakeholders in the rural and urban areas. To accelerate innovations, Trialog believes in the value of the Silver Economy ecosystem within a local area. Within the Silver Valley cluster in France and other clusters in Europe, Trialog estalishes partnerships with members to [...]

Trialog is the coordinator of a new H2020 robotics project, within a Europe-Japan cooperation

Trialog is the coordinator of the H2020 project ACCRA about robotics as part of a Europe-Japan partnership. This project aims to develop intelligent applications using the capabilities of domestic robots to help elderly in their daily live. The solutions will be developed by international teams (France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan) through a co-creation process with users [...]

Trialog has presented the outcome of the project Perche Digital

Trialog and its partners have organised a conference (Oct 4 2016) in the Perche region to present the outcome of the project Perche Digital involving 100 seniors. Perche Digital is a pilot of the European project ReAAL, co-funded by the European Commission, Carsat Centre, CNAV and Centre-Val-de-Loire Region and Trialog. Projet ReAAL aimed to study [...]

Trialog at eHealth Week in Amsterdam

The partners of the ReAAL project will be present at the Amsterdam event: eHealth Week, June 8th and 9th. TRIALOG, Fraunhofer IDG, SYNDESIS, Polytecnica Valencia, NCSR, Mibida, MedicineMen. Trialog and his partners will demonstrate several eHealth and Social Applications, using the open source universAAL for enabling the semantic interoperability. The value proposition of universAAL will [...]

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