As part of the Insurtech Business Week, TRIALOG will take part in the presentation organized by the Finance Innovation division on the topic:

How can we better support the health of elderly through new services and innovation?

The round table will take place on Tuesday 26 September at 10:15 a. m., in the heart of the city of Defense, 110 esplanade du général de Gaulle, Courbevoie.


The innovations that Trialog creates with its partners will be used to illustrate how new technologies can also be used by senior citizens.

  • ACCRA artificial intelligence and companion robot) with CCAS Antibes,
  • the PAAL project: Physical and playful activities course with the association EPGV and the community of agglomeration of Vendôme, and the Silver Economie association of Vendôme (SEVe)
  • its initiative La Faculté Digitale, which works to train senior citizens in digital education on territories with a human dimension,
  • its action within Silver Valley to create a group of SMEs with offers in the digital world.

For more information, please contact us.