Trialog acts as a major contributor for the privacy of Smart Cities:

IoT Week session chaired by Trialog on Personal Data Protection for Smart Cities (Bilbao, June 7th 2018)

A workshop took place on June 7th, 2018 in Bilbao, during the IoT Week, focusing on personal data protection strategies and guidelines, consisting of:

  • Three presentations, one taking the citizen viewpoint, one taking the privacy-by-design viewpoint and one taking the practice viewpoint.
  • A practice exercise where the audience was invited to participate. Two use cases were addressed: open data and a bike sharing service, the latter being suggested by the audience. The session was lively, addressing the identification of threats, of consequences and of measures.

Antonio Kung from Trialog chaired the session highlighting the relationship with on-going standards development, in particular with ISO/IEC 27570 (privacy guidelines for smart cities).

Download the slides of the session.

New ISO/IEC 27030 and 27570 standardization projects approved

ISO/IEC approved in March 2018 the ISO/IEC 27030 (Security and privacy guidelines for IoT) and 27570 (Privacy guidelines for smart cities) projects. These projects will take place within ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 Working Group 4 and 5.

We are pleased to announce the nomination of Antonio Kung from Trialog as co-editor of 27030 and as editor of 27570.