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SystemX research institute

IRT SystemX is a French research institute gathering industrials and academic partners under the same roof in order to conduct projects leading to technological innovation.
SystemX’s main area of research is complex system engineering and projects, grouped in the following domains: smart territories, autonomous transportation, internet of trust and agile industry.
Trialog participates in the projects carried out in IRT SystemX mainly through the thematics of connected and autonomous transportation systems.
We provide our expertise in cybersecurity, as well as our knowledge of smart cities problematics and of the transportation domain.

SCA project

SCA stands for Automotive Secure Communication. This project aims to improve and demonstrate Cooperative ITS communication security while they are in a field experimentation phase prior to be deployed across Europe.

V2X communication stations use some mechanisms to provide security and privacy for the messages exchanged by their users. Nonetheless there is still some issues to deal with. Trialog focuses in this project on several of them:

  • To keep up-to-date the ITS security stack with respect to European standards and to ensure interoperability whatever the used communication medium (e.g. ITS G5 or 5G)
  • To study and to implement various strategies of pseudonym change and pool of pseudonyms. These strategies aim to enforce privacy and cybersecurity while improving the road safety.
  • To define strategies and technics to detect, collect, take into account and react when one or more stations misbehave. Trialog focuses on the embedded aspect while some partners deal with the rest of the actors of the ecosystem.

SCA project is part of the Autonomous Transport program of the IRT SystemX located on Saclay. It involves many partners: Car manufacturer (Renault, PSA), tier-1 providers (Valeo), research institute (Telecom ParisTech), PKI provider (IDnomics), CESTI (Oppida) and SMEs (Trialog, Yogoko). Trialog provide the ITS security stacks and its many years of experience in cybersecurity and V2X communications.

More information on SystemX website:

CTI project

CTI undertakes industrial research in the three fields of application – automobile, rail and aeronautics, in order to transpose the most innovative and relevant good practices and IT solutions.
Trialog will contribute to the integration of security engineering into the domain specific engineering process, and to the definition of an integrated assurance approach.

More information on SystemX website:

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