Project Description

AMISURE is the name of a consortium created in 2011 by TRIALOG in order to find innovative solutions in terms of the coordination and information management of various stakeholders around the person with reduced autonomy. The partners have developed applications to provide innovative services to local territory stakeholders and users, and integrate them into a common exchange web platform.

January 2016: Since the project ended in 2015 (see the conference feedback below), TRIALOG has continued the development of solutions in collaboration with some partners, because we are convinced that only a horizontal approach will allow many applications to become mature and take advantage of this solid base to reach users. The key platform of AMISURE is the P4S (Health and Social Services Monitoring Portal) where users register and have an account in order to access different types of services. Actually, the registrations are made for projects (not opened to the public) because the consolidation phase is not yet finished.

For example, the “Perche Digital” project currently taking place in the Eure-et-Loir department of France uses the AMISURE P4S platform to bring the innovative application “Here and Now”, which aims to establish stronger links (digitally) between public/private actors of a territory, and the seniors and their caregivers.

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