Project Description

TRIALOG coordinates the European-Japanese project ACCRA, co-funded by the H2020 programme and the Japanese NICT.

Robotics is progressing thanks to the combination of embedded and cloud technologies. Within this framework, Trialog is leading a consortium of partners to develop robotics applications that help seniors in their daily lives. The project elaborates a development process in co-creation with users using an Agile method.

This process is applied to 3 types of applications (walking support, daily life support, conversation support and rehabilitation). The co-creation work is carried out at 4 sites in France (piloted by CCAS Antibes,, in Italy (within the IRCCS hospital:, in the Netherlands (in a WVO Zorg rehabilitation centre ( in Vlissingen) and Japan.

The ACCRA’s fundamental principle is to contribute to the emergence of a robotic platform using generic enablers (FIWARE and UniversAAL) with an emphasis on interoperability. Indeed, applications of the same nature will be offered on the two different robotic offers: Astro-Robot and Buddy (BlueFrogRobotics), although they are both based on different systems (ROS ( for ASTRO and Android / Unity3D for Buddy). Despite these differences, it is imperative to share software components in order to build a richer and more sustainable offer.

The impact study will be carried out as part of a multi-dimensional evaluation: user perception, user use, ethics, economic, technical and organisational aspects.