Using the existing electrical grid infrastructures as a communication channel is definitely a real opportunity for a fast and affordable deployment of smart grid or smart city projects.

But how to be sure that the grid will support powerline communication (PLC)?

Over the past years, Trialog has conducted several measurement campaigns to characterize the electrical grid as a PLC channel and therefore evaluate the ability of the grid to support PLC.

Trialog has now moved its electrical grid characterization service a step forward by engineering and releasing a powerful field tool allowing to automatically perform the field measurements required to evaluate the ability of an electrical grid to support PLC.

This tool performs fundamental electrical measurements such as complex access impedance, noise spectrogram and channel transfer function between two points of the electrical grid up to 3 phases simultaneously. The field measurements execution is fully automated, is controlled through Wi-Fi, and can easily be performed by non-PLC experts.

Thanks to its long-standing expertise and experience, Trialog post-processes the data collected from the tools and extracts the relevant KPIs for PLC-related decision-making.

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