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Presentation of the privacy engineering concept during Afnor workshop

Antonio Kung presented the privacy engineering concept during the Afnor workshop "Cyber sécurité: La normalisation au coeur du dispositif" (Standardisation at the centre of cyber security) that took place on March 29th, 2017 in Lyon. He explained the content of ISO/IEC 27550 Privacy engineering and provided his views on futur standardisation work for privacy in [...]

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Trialog member of the Avere-France to promote e-mobility, essential asset of a Smart City

Trialog is a renowned center of expertise on the issues of eMobility. To support the construction of a French sector of excellence for eMobility, Trialog decided at the beginning of 2017 to join the Avere-France association. Trialog promotes smart charging to deliver the best charging service for the end user, through the best user experience, [...]

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Report on privacy-by-design for the Internet of Things

Trialog has published for the PRIPARE initiative on privacy-by-design a report on security and privacy in the internet of things. This report advocates an interoperability viewpoint based on three levels: the application level, the semantic interoperability level and the object level. The rationale of the approach is that it fits better with the structure of [...]

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GDPR workshop for the SharingCities smart city project

The SharingCities ( smart city projet including the cities of London, Milan, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Warsaw, and Burgas organized on March 7th and 8th a workshop in London on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation that will have to be applied on May 25th, 2018 in Europe. The workshop was led by Antonio Kung, chair [...]

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Trialog member of the Silver Valley cluster to accelerate the innovation

Trialog is pursuing the development of social and health innovation in collaboration with the stakeholders in the rural and urban areas. To accelerate innovations, Trialog believes in the value of the Silver Economy ecosystem within a local area. Within the Silver Valley cluster in France and other clusters in Europe, Trialog estalishes partnerships with members to [...]

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