The main areas of Trialog are related to Smart Cities

Trialog is an independent company founded in 1987 and historically based in Paris, France. Its clients are large Industrial European companies.

The strategy of the Trialog company is to offer technological innovations to its customers. This offer is based on the integration of innovative technologies in industrial information systems, their validation, their interoperability, the platform of the Internet of Things and the key transversal technologies for the cyber security and privacy.

Our mission is to offer the innovation to industrial and institutional organisations, so that together we build solutions adapted to complex systems, to the user needs, and more respectful of privacy.

Our teams share common values

To achieve its mission while respecting its values, Trialog has created a multi-cultural working environment and maintained international key partnerships.


for new innovative technologies

Respect and confidence

in the team members

Requirements and satisfaction

of our customers

Our teams maintain and update their operational expertise to perform optimal work, to secure strong outcomes and establish long-term partnerships.

30 years experience in managing innovation dedicated to our industrial partners
Madeleine Francillard