Project Description

PRIDE (Platform for Regional Innovation to enable Data exchange on Energy) will build and deploy an open data platform dedicated to the needs of regional smart grids. The platform, based on FIWARE open technology, will provide datasets storage and processing capabilities. It will be associated with practices and tools for interoperability, security, and privacy compliance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR)

The 36-month project, started in May 2017, is funded by ADEME with the following partners: Pôle Images et Réseau (coordinator), CEA-LIST, Cityzen data, Forcity platform, Orange, Trialog, Enedis, RTE, GRT Gaz, GRDF

Trialog will contribute on the following:

  • Best practice replication, platform replication
  • Interoperability constraints integration
  • Security and privacy
  • Integration of enablers
  • Integration of tools

PRIDE is sponsored by the Bretagne et Pays de la Loire regions.