Innovation and Experience in Software and Systems Engineering

TRIALOG is a consulting company which provides expertise for innovative technologies in embedded and industrial systems. We help our clients to manage increasingly complex software and systems. In conjunction with the clients' needs, TRIALOG provides original solutions in engineering technology.

TRIALOG is an independent company created in 1987. Its clients are large industrial European companies.


TRIALOG strives for innovation.To achieve this, since its creation TRIALOG has maintained a virtuous circle that allows it to propose ground breaking innovations to its industrial clients which improves their competitiveness. The choice of its research and development projects is driven by the needs of it European industrial partners.



  • Smart Grid Event Conference

    During the Smart Grid Event conference, held in Brussels on June 3rd and 4th 2015, TRIALOG will present the SOGRID project.

  • International Conference on Privacy

    Two projects managed by TRIALOG and dedicated to privacy protection will be presented at the 8th international conference on Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection (CPDP). 12 January 2015 at 10:30 a.m., the PARIS project organises

  • TRIALOG Contributes to the AAL Forum

    At the Forum for Ambient Assisted Living in Bucharest, Romania, Bruno Jean-Bart (head of Social and Health Innovation at TRIALOG) made the following presentations for the ReAAL project: “Interoperability Issues in Real World Installations” in


Privacy by Design

The increase in information exchange through new communication services poses major legal and technical problems concerning personal data and the protection of privacy. TRIALOG is studying technical concepts and proposing solutions for a unique approach to this situation. See more . . .

Technology Support for Dependent Persons

In 1950, elderly people over 60 made up 12% of the population in developed countries. In 1998 it was 19%, and in 2025 it is predicted to be 28%.

In the coming years, percentage of elderly people will continue to grow, while at the same time the number of resource persons (e.g. family, health professionals) will decrease. See more . . .