Privacy Plans

A plan can be defined as a document that presents a systematic course of action for achieving a declared purpose, including when, how, and by whom specific activities are to be performed. A more concise definition can be the planned arrangements for achieving a declared purpose.

Examples are plans used by engineers are development plans, test plans, security plans, privacy plans, quality management plans, or
cost management plans.

Privacy Plans
A privacy plan is a document that presents a systematic course of action for achieving the integration of privacy concerns in the development of a system-of interest and its associated ecosystem. An ecosystem is an infrastructure and service based on a network of organisations and stakeholders.
An example of a system of interest can be a cluster of electric vehicle charging stations managed and operated by an association in a region. The associated ecosystems can include the municipality, the energy management service providers, the suppliers of charging stations, and the electricity utility.

Example of Interconnect Project
In the frame of the Interconnect project, seven large scale pilots are developing advanced solutions and building and electricity grids. Trialog has helped that define and implement a privacy plan and a security
A first document describing the privacy and security principles and implementation guidelines is available.

A second document describing the resulting privacy and security plans will be provided shortly.
Standardisation with ISO/IEC 27570 – Privacy Guidelines for Smart CitiesISO/IEC 27570 goes one step further.

It addresses the problem of a privacy plan at the smart city level. The standard defines the term ecosystem privacy plan, defined as follows: planned arrangements for ensuring that privacy is adequately managed in an ecosystem.