Vous trouverez ci-dessous une sélection de projets de recherche et d’innovation (R&I) dans le domaine de l’énergie intelligente auxquels Trialog participe et qui ont un impact majeur sur le secteur de l’énergie intelligente :

Logo Nom projet Dates Description Lien
SOGRID 2012-2016

The collaborative project SOGRID was a major smart grid demonstrator in France, aiming on supervision and control of the distribution grid thanks to an end-to-end G3-PLC communication network. Trialog main contributions were about architecture, specifications, security, resilience, interoperability, performances and validation.

This was a major project to show how the smart metering infrastructure can enable and support smart grid features

InterFlex 2016-2020

This H2020 project demonstrated the interactions between automated energy systems and flexibilities brought by energy market players, in 5 EU member states. Within this project, Trialog was responsible for Interoperability.

This was one of the first EU projects focusing on flexibility for DSOs. This is also where Trialog build its interoperability-by-design approach based on the Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM).

aVEnir 2019-2023

The goal of this French R&I project is to experiment the interactions between the distribution grid, the EV charging stations and the electric vehicles, from both technological, economic, sociologic and regulation perspectives. Trialog is responsible for architecture, standards, interoperability, tests and validation.

This was a major project to demonstrate EV-based flexibility services in France.


This H2020 project develops and demonstrate interoperability for smart grid, smart building and smart homes, based on semantic interoperability and SAREF ontology. Trialog contributes to the use-cases, architecture, cybersecurity, privacy, grid services, smart charging and V2G, French pilot, standardization and cooperation with external initiatives.

This is a major project to build an interoperability framework supporting both smart grids and smart homes/buildings. This is also where Trialog developed its EMS for EV charging (Troca) and strengthened its expertise on semantic interoperability.

int:net 2022-2025

IntNET: 1) ensures continuity of the interoperability of energy services related activities, 2) ensures sustainable up-take of the energy services related to interoperability, data spaces and digital twins, 3) supports a common framework for testing interoperability across running projects, harmonise interoperability testing procedures, and 4) increases interoperability of energy services, data and platforms.

This is a major project that supports the interoperability for the energy domain and also coordinates the development of the EU common energy data space.

ENERSHARE 2022-2025

The goal of this Horizon Europe project is to develop and demonstrate an Energy data spaces in 7 real-life pilots across 7 countries. Trialog is contribution mainly on cybersecurity, data protection, open source and standardization.

This is a major project in which a EU common energy data space is developed and demonstrated.

SCALE 2022-2025

This Horizon Europe project aims to advance smart charging infrastructure and facilitate the mass deployment of electric vehicles. Use-cases are demonstrated in 6 countries, including smart charging and vehicle-to-X (grid, home, business, depot). Trialog focuses on architecture, interoperability, standards, cybersecurity and privacy.

This is a major project to support vehicle-to-grid industrialisation and deployment.