Trialog participe à plusieurs initiatives de l’Union européenne sur l’énergie intelligente et à des organismes de normalisation internationaux, souvent avec des positions de leadership.

Logo Nom initiative Type Description Lien
BRIDGE EU initiative

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative gathering 150+ EU-funded smart energy R&I projects. Olivier Genest from Trialog chairs the Data Management WG, that deals in particular with data sharing, interoperability, reference architecture, …

ETIP SNET EU initiative ETIP SNET is an initiative launched by the European Commission to guide Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) to support Europe’s energy transition. Link
FlexCommunity EU initiative

Flex Community is a network focusing on energy flexibility, based on relevant R&I projects in the smart energy sector. Olivier Genest from Trialog is leading the FlexGroup 4 about FlexOffer technology.

Gaia-X Industry alliance GAIA-X is an alliance gathering industry players to develop a cloud-based data infrastructure. Link
AIOTI Industry alliance

AIOTI is an alliance gathering industry players around Internet of Things and Edge computing. Antonio Kung from Trialog is co-Chair of the WG Standardisation.

G3 Alliance Industry alliance

G3 Alliance is an alliance gathering 90+ industry players to develop, promote and support the G3 technology, which mixes powerline communications (PLC) and radio frequency (RF) in hybrid networks. G3 technology is widely used for smart metering systems. Madeleine Francillard from Trialog is Chair of the Certification Program Executive Committee (CPEC) and Alain Moreau from Trialog is Convenor of the WS3 on Interoperability.

IEC SyC Smart Energy Standardisation

SyC Smart Energy is an IEC standardisation committee coordinating a system perspective for the smart energy domain. Olivier Genest from Trialog is co-Convenor of JWG3 on Smart Energy Roadmap, jointly with ISO/IEC SC41 (see below).

IEC TC69 Standardisation TC69 is an IEC standardisation committee focusing on energy transfer to road vehicles, in particulier EV charging. Link
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC41 Standardisation

SC41 is an ISO/IEC standardisation committee focusing on Internet of Things and Digital Twin. Olivier Genest from Trialog is co-Convenor of JWG3 on Smart Energy Roadmap, jointly with IEC SyC Smart Energy (see above).

CEN-CLC CG-SG Standardisation CG-SG is the Coordination Group on Smart Grids, help jointly by CEN, CENELEC and ETSI standards development organisation. It follows a mandate provided by the European Commission on the development of standards for the smart grids and ensure coordination with worldwide SDOs such as IEC. Link