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Trialog is the first company that has been listed on the Alternativa stock market platform for SMEs

To manage its growth, Trialog joined the Alternativa stock market. Alternativa is a non-regulated negotiation platform which organises stock negotiation of unlisted companies for qualified investors. Alternativa provides a strong acceleration to development of its member companies, which is necessary for an innovative company. Trialog was the first company to be listed by Alternativa at its creation in 2007.

Trialog specialises in innovation. To accomplish this, since its creation the company has maintained a virtuous circle which allows it to propose innovative breakthroughs to its industrial clients which augment its competitiveness. The choice of Research & Development projects is driven by the needs of our European industrial partners.

Alternativa offers SMEs access to financing by creating marketing mechanisms dedicated to their needs and their capital investments. Alternativa is the first operator established in France in the framework of the opening of financial markets in 2007 (the M.I.F. directive). It participates in the market infrastructures in place in Paris. It is an SMN (Système Multilatéral de Négociation) approved by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel (ACP, ex CECEI) and by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

Due to its specialised competence and its recognised clients, Trialog increases its growth mainly through its relationships with major actors in the fields of automobile and transport, energy control, and home services, all of which are high growth markets.

All information useful for investors can be found on the Alternativa website.